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We’ve been enjoying the world of online gambling for a total of three decades if you add our years of experience together. We got together after communicating online via a player’s forum and realising we had something to share. We’ve been playing at online casinos almost since they were first invented and believe us when we say we’ve come across some shockers. But we’ve also found some great sites to play at and realised how easy it is to become jaded with the whole online scene from time to time. For these reasons and a number of others, in fact too many to mention, we decided to create this website. We’d already expressed our disappointment at the lack of information when we both started out and wanted to make a difference for those starting out today.

Introducing the team at Top Rated Online Casino

We hope we’re not being over the top when we call ourselves a team. There might only be two of us but we’ve got a truckload of information to share. We’ve been enjoying casino games both online and in land-based casinos for many years now and already experienced much of what you’re experiencing today. We’ve felt confused by all the choices and not known which way to turn. And we’ve also been annoyed by some of the hoops players are expected to jump through just to withdraw their own funds. My name is Anthony and I was essentially a sports guy who loved a flutter every now and again. Originally my gambling experiences were few and far between but it wasn’t long before I took things to the next level and became far more serious a player. Over the years I’ve made some silly mistakes. Some of which I might not have made if I’d had some guidance. The other captain of this ship is David, a guy that’s been working in the industry for 15 years. Needless to say he knows a lot of useful information and he’s more than happy to share it.

What we can do for you

We can provide you with an all in one resource center containing everything you need to know to make your online gambling more successful. We’re not saying we’ve got a magic formula or a system of strategies that will never fail. What we can do is provide you with real facts and honest feedback relating to some of the current operators and the services they provide. There will be helpful tips and useful hints to ensure you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your chance of success.If you want a transparent and unbiased view of the world of online gambling make sure you keep reading and pop back to see us on a regular basis. This is the place to spend some time if you want some guidance through the quagmire of casino sites. There are some good ones out there. There are also some brilliant ones. But there are also some pretty bad ones too. We’re offering to stay true to you our readers and provide you with independent advice, both the good and the bad side, because you deserve to be treated fairly and enjoy online gambling as much as we have and still do today.

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